Will D7 harm my waste pond system?

No. There have been no known issues with quat. However, it’s important to note D7 easily breaks down triglycerides, fats and grease. You may see a large amount of these substances introduced into your wastewater system after a D7 application.

Is D7 US EPA registered?


Is D7 approved for use on biofilms?


Is D7 flammable?


Does D7 use any fragrances or dyes?


Is D7 effective against odors?


Is D7 approved for use on food contact surfaces?

Yes, but requires a potable water rinse afterward.

Can D7 be used in drain maintenance, entryway foaming applications, and spot cleaning/sanitizing?

Yes. D7 is not only an excellent product for destroying microorganisms, but it’s perfect for preventative maintenance and a proactive approach to minimizing cross contamination.

Is any special equipment needed to apply D7?


Are automated mixing stations available?

Yes, both pneumatic and electric versions

Can D7 be applied as a foam?


Can D7 be applied as a course wet spray?


Can D7 be used to kill mold?

Yes, it is a EPA registered fungicide

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